Novermber/December Issue

"It's never too late - in fiction or in life - to revise."

- Nancy Thayer


On an average day in the United States, 965,000 people consume a Coke for breakfast.

On average, each American consumes over 126 pounds of potatoes, 92 pounds of fresh fruit, 112 pounds of red meat, and 233 gallons of milk and cream each year.


If your diet calls for "standard portions" of food, here is what you can expect to eat:

- Medium potato - the size of a computer mouse

- Average bagel - the size of a hockey puck

- Cup of fruit - a piece of fruit the size of a baseball

- Cup of lettuce - 4 leaves

- Three ounces of boneless, trimmed, cooked meat, poultry, or fish - the size of a deck of cards

- One ounce of cheese - size of four dice

- One teaspoon of peanut butter - the size of one die

- One ounce of snack food (pretzel, chips) - will equal a large handful

W ith the holiday season soon arriving, there will be plenty of food everywhere you go.

Weight management is one of the most popular terms or "buzz words" around gyms, health clubs and doctors offices today. Some people want to put more weight on, most want to take weight off. It's rare to see someone who is totally happy with his or her current weight and body shape. There are also people who are in the correct weight range but have unhealthy body fat percentage ratios. Every day more fad diet books show up at the grocery store checkout lines, making it difficult for consumers to know what to do to achieve their ideal weight.

Since Low-Fat diets became popular in the mid 80's, the percentage of Americans and Canadians who are overweight has increased by over 30%. Invariably, "healthy choice" foods are low in fat but high in sugar. Of the three types of food calories: protein, fat and carbohydrates; only carbohydrates are non-essential, meaning we could live without them.

Many people do not realize that both protein and fat are vitally important for good health and nutrition. Most low fat diets create frequent bouts of hunger that can cause dieters to actually eat more food, more often. This lack of balance in daily nutrition is why so many fad diets just don't work.

The biggest failure related to successful weight management is an addiction to sugar. Statistics show that the average person consumes 150 pounds of sugar and other refined sweeteners per year. This is almost one half pound per day. The most common form of this consumable sugar is found in sweetened soft drinks. Without doubt, these levels of consumption pose one of the biggest threats to public health that we can actually do something about. Whether you are trying to put more muscle on or take more fat off, your CHIROPRACTOR can be a huge asset and resource for nutritional information.

First, your CHIROPRACTOR offers accountability. If you use the buddy systems to diet and exercise, you increase your chances of success.

Tell your doctor what your goals and plans are and he or she can help you stay on track.

Second, your CHIROPRACTOR can help monitor your vital statistics during your up or down push in weight. Your target heart rate, blood pressure and body fat analysis are all-important markers for a successful weight management program.

Finally, your CHIROPRACTOR can help your body function at its best with regular chiropractic adjustments during your weight management program. When you have restricted joint movement, it is difficult to exercise and maintain proper metabolic function levels. When you feel good it's easier to stay focused on the positive aspects of a successful weight management plan.

Remember, the easiest step in your weight management program is the convenience store diet plan. If you can find it in a corner convenience store, don't eat it! Put the right information and professionals to work for you and watch the body fat come off and the lean muscle mass take its place!

We, at Vitality Chiropractic would like to wish you and your family A HAPPY AND SAFE HOLIDAY SEASON!! Thank you for your friendship over the past few years and we look forward to taking care of you in 2006.

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